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What is Freeview?

Freeview is simply what the government has decided to call television. It comes in two different formats.

Freeview is available in a standard definition format from the satellite Optus D1, this broadcast is avialable anywhere in the country. If you live in a rural area then this will be your best option for reception.

Freeview HD


What is Freeview HD?

Freeview HD is a high definition format currently broadcast from Parahaki, this broadcast is avialable in town and in most major intown suburbs. If you have line of site over to Parahaki then this is the platform you want and in our opinion is the best.

Your Options and What will Need for Each

The following chart and information should help you understand what each options needs and which will be best for you. Still confused after reading this? Contact Us


Freeview satellite is provided off Optus D1 the only satellite specifically aligned to NZ for television broadcast. Both Freeview and SKY broadcast off this satellite. This satellite is available anywhere in the country.


Freeview HD is broadcast from Parahaki it is currently the only high definition signal available to Northland. It broadcast footprint is not very large and without direct line of site reception will be difficult.


Whatever platform you choose you will need an Aerial. Freeview satellite requires a suitable sized satellite dish and mount, we supply and install a 65cm powdercoated dish perfectly suited to the Optus D1 broadcast signal. Freeview HD requires the installation of an appropriate phased array aerial to recieve the digital high definition UHF broadcast.


Freeview satellite requires a satellite reciever to change the raw broadcast into a signal your TV can display. It doesnt matter how new or old your TV is anyone using a satellite dish requires a reciever.


New TVs with "Freeview inbuilt" or sold as a "Digitial TV" are suitable to be connected directly to your UHF aerial. Any new TV you buy will have this feature.


UHF Terrestrial recievers are required for older TVs without a built in digital reciever, any TV older than two years will probably need one.


Any TV older than 2010 will probably require a set-top box to opperate, if you are on Freeview satellite this will have to be an open satellite reciever. If you are using a UHF aerial than it will have to be a UHF terrestrial reciever.


New channels are being added all the time and while the core channels are the same across both platforms the broadcast of Parahaki contains local programming that you won't find on the satellite.



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